Who we are.

Our unique approach.

Successful investing is incredibly tough. We’ve honed an approach that’s bold, effective and trusted by millions of people with over $260 billion in assets under advisement and management worldwide*.

* 2016 Annual Report, Morningstar, Inc.

Each Morningstar portfolio is constructed using a multi-stage process—the practical application of our investing principles.

This means your investment draws on our deep global expertise in asset allocation, investment research and portfolio construction.

1. Smarter, active asset allocation

We actively manage your money. This means we only invest in an asset class, industry or company if it makes sense to do so considering the risk and rewards on offer. We believe this helps you to achieve better long-term returns than wholly passive alternatives like exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or Index funds.

2. Cost effective and holistic implementation

We pick smart and cost-effective ways to implement our insights. We use a combination of direct holdings (stocks), exchange traded funds (ETFs), and specialist fund managers to build the best possible portfolio.

3. Aligned with people, not markets

We ignore market noise. We don’t get hung up about keeping pace with an index. Instead we strive to focus on what matters to investors—preserving and growing their savings.

We design each portfolio to keep pace with inflation – the yearly rise in the cost of living – plus an additional target based on the risk you’re willing to bear.

Designed to combat your worst enemy. You.

Procrastination, bad timing and indecision are just three of the behavioural biases that can prevent a person from reaching their goals.

We’ve taken human nature into account:

  • Behavioural insights are embedded in the way we build our portfolios.
  • Behavioural research is embedded in our service to you--helping you become your best financial self.

Good investing isn’t just about markets. It’s also about the messy and irratic reality of human behaviour.

We can help you ditch bad habits. In fact, it’s our mission to do so. That’s why we employ a team of behavioural scientists and have built this service with their insights in mind.

Here are just some of the ways we clear your path of behavioural stumbling blocks:

  • Easy direct debits, to encourage investing before you can spend
  • Our proprietary Wealth Forecasting Engine encourages you to invest by making it easy to see how small increases in your monthly contribution can have a big impact on your returns over time.
  • A mobile-first approach, to simplify the mechanics of investing and make it part of your busy life.
  • Plain english communications, to help you make smart decisions faster.

Global. Local. Smart. Friendly.

Powered by a global independent research team.

Morningstar has over 170 equity and credit analysts worldwide, who cover over 1,600 stocks and 700 debt issuers. This makes ours one of the world’s largest research teams.

Our analysts apply a rigorous methodology, focused on long-term fundamental valuation, competitive advantages, risk, financial health and stewardship.

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